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Is shaving a beard really that important for an interview?

Many guys love to keep a beard for various reasons, such as giving them a fashionable and manly look or for religious/cultural purposes. But in today’s corporate world, most workplaces expect the employees to be clean-shaven while considering employees with a scruffy beard as slackers. Usually, when a job seeker needs a job and attends a job interview, he does not compromise with the workplace’s rules and regulations that might lead to his disqualification.

Therefore, when we go to an office for a job interview, we certainly try to impress the interviewer to increase our chance to be selected. Interviewers of corporate offices mainly look for candidates who fit the job position the most and keep the company image intact. As a part of the preparation for the interview, one common thing that people do is giving them a professional and smart look. One sign of good grooming is having a clean-shaven face.

beard importance for interview

So, is shaving a beard really that important for an interview?

The importance of shaving has always been a crucial question for many. Although most companies have strict rules for shaving, there are still many other companies of a different niche such as IT, artistic niche that relax such restrictions on shaving and allow employees to keep beards according to their facial hairstyle.

If you are a bearded person, it definitely took you a long time to grow your favorite beard.

Therefore if you are a beard enthusiast, you wouldn’t probably like to shave your beard off just for an interview that lasts for a few moments. So before shaving for the interview, you can take some steps to be sure about the workplace’s dress code or appearance policy.

Have a Look at Current Employees on the Internet:

By having a look at the outfit and facial appearance of the current employees on social media such as LinkedIn, you can get some idea and decide whether you should shave or not.

Ask the Recruiter about Shaving Requirements:

When you get a call from a company for an interview, you can ask the authority whether shaving is a requirement or not. Thus, you would get a candid and clear answer that would help you make a quick decision.

Offering to Shave after Recruitment:

After your final selection, you can talk to the recruiting manager. Thus you can know whether you would be allowed to keep a beard after joining the company if you need it badly.

Before you proceed to attend an interview, you should try to have a formal get-up keeping your beard in a tip-top shape even if it isn’t a requirement. Thus, you can easily increase your chance to be recruited and get into your desired job.

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