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How To Shave Your Chin

Who doesn’t want a smooth and clean shave? To ensure it, shaving every part of your face is crucial. Difficulties arise when you cannot shave some particular areas such as the neck, chin, etc. properly and leave them unshaved. Shaving these tricky areas would be a challenging task for you. However, if you do it with patience after some practice, you can shave those tricky areas proficiently. So, if you want to know how to shave your chin, you must read this article till the end.

Before shaving your chin and under the chin, you have to follow some steps carefully. By reading the steps below, you can know how to shave your chin like a pro.

Tip: For a safe chin shaving use a top-quality foil shaver for stubble.

How To Shave Your Chin

How To Shave Your Chin: Step By Step

Prepare Your Skin

The first step of shaving is preparing your skin with a pre-shaving product no matter what razor you are using. Preparing your skin will help soften the hairs around chin and jawline. Thus, the hair will be easier to remove. For preparing your face for a shave, you can use shaving cream/gel or conditioner and a good shaving brush. Make a good plan to reach your chin and under the chin while shaving. A well-planned shave helps you shave efficiently in the targeted areas.

The Shaving Angle

Whatever type of razor you are using, the shaving angle matters a lot. The average cartridge as its pivot head moves as you take large swipes across your face. The razor should be kept at a 30-degree angle with each pass. So shaving angle is a mandatory part of shaving your chin properly and safely.

Tilt Your Head Back

When you are shaving your chin, and under the chin, the skin under the chin should be taut enough. When the skin is taut enough, it makes the surface more smooth and plain for cutting the facial hair.

If your under-chin is fleshy, tilting your head back may not produce enough tautness. In this case, simply use your free hand to pull and tighten the surface where the razor blade will glide. The surface should be suitable enough for the gliding of a razor blade. You can gently rub some beard oil before shaving. This will make your skin smoother and razor will glide properly.

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Shave with the Grain and Not Against the Grain

While shaving such a tricky area like chin, you should be careful at every step, and therefore, you have to shave with the grain. Shaving with the grain in the first pass causes less irritation. Moreover, it makes the area more prepared for the next passes. On the other hand, shaving against the grain will increase the likelihood of skin irritation or even bleeding. So, be careful!

Don’t Put Much Pressure While Shaving

Shave your chin gently without applying too much pressure. A heavy handled safety razor will do the job effectively, ridding you of applying too much manual pressure. So for shaving your chin and under the chin safely, picking the right razor is crucial.

Use Short Strokes

By using short strokes, you will get more control over the speed, angle, and pressure since the surface of the skin and direction of the hair gradually changes.

Because of the sensitiveness of the skin around the chin and jawline, you have to take extra precautions while shaving these areas. You can keep various types of antiseptic such as styptic pencil, alum block ready to alleviate skin infections and irritations. Once a shaving session is done, do not forget to rinse your razor dry and place it to a good place. So now you know how to shave your chin properly. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share with your friends.

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