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How To Make Your Beard Look Thicker?

Many men love to keep a thick and long beard as they think that a thicker beard symbolizes masculinity, leadership, power, etc. However, there are some specific factors and barriers that make it challenging for them. One major problem is the itchiness of facial skin when the beard reaches a certain point. Other issues include improper skin care as well as poor diet.

The qualities of a good beard are thickness, liveliness, and length. The thickness refers to the number of facial hair. Liveliness means how lively the beard looks like and the length of the beard.

beard look thicker

Factors that Make Beard Thicker

The illusion of the thickness of someone’s hair depends on three things.

  • Beard Color: The darker the beard is, the thicker it looks like.
  • Beard Density: The rate at which the beard grows gives the impression that the beard is thick enough.
  • Thick hair follicles: Some men have thicker hair follicles, which makes the beard look thicker.

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The Initial Steps to Grow Beard Thicker

For many men, some problems arise in the first few weeks, such as itching, slight irritation, etc. Itching may occur due to poor grooming habits. Irritation is another problem that happens as a result of the growth of new hairs. If you are committed to growing thicker hair, you have to get over these issues.

When you notice glaring patches or lack of density in facial hair growth in some spots, you need to give some boost from your side. You won’t have to fret about growing long beards even if you are unable to develop thicker beards from a young age. By following the right steps and taking proper care, you can grow a thicker beard when you get older.

Steps You Should Take to Grow Thicker Hair

Taking Proper Skin Care:

It is skin that makes the foundation of healthy and thick facial hair. If you cleanse and wash your face regularly, it will help to stimulate the circulation. Moreover, it will also exfoliate your skin and eliminate dead cells. When dead skin cells are removed, your pores will open up. For ensuring healthy skin, you can use a good moisturizer. With regular skin care, you will eventually be able to see an increase in facial hair growth.

Exercising May Help

exercise for beard growth

Some sorts of exercises help develop your hair growth over time. Regular exercise not only helps lose your excess weight but also boosts the growth of hair. Some exercises which you can take are cardio workouts, brisk walking, running, cycling, etc.

Taking physical exercise is necessary because it helps increase your testosterone. Increased testosterone promotes healthy follicles and stimulates hair growth. Moreover, regular exercise improves blood circulation by which the hair can get essential nutrients to grow faster and thicker. Apart from testosterone, you can also get dihydrotestosterone with regular exercise. This substance helps you to grow curlier and thicker hair by promoting linear growth of each hair.

So, when you get into doing physical exercise, you will see a transition in the growth of your facial hair. If you don’t know how to take these exercises properly, you can take help from an expert trainer for a proper guide.

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Reduce Your Stress

Excessive stress increases cortisol in your body, which affects the development of testosterone severely. By retrenching the blood vessel, it makes it more challenging for the blood vessel to get into the hair follicles.

Besides, too much stress disrupts your sleep pattern, which negatively affects hair growth as well. You can do some meditation to get rid of excessive stress.

Take Proper Sleep

Adequate sleep helps regenerate the testosterone, which you require to grow your beard thicker and faster. You should ensure to sleep at least 8 hours every night. Keep in mind that lack of sleep decreases your testosterone level severely and thus doesn’t let your facial hair grow.

Maintain Your Diet Properly and Take Supplements

kale for beard growth

Vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy and increase your hair growth. Since hair is a protein filament, eating foods, protein-enriched foods can also make your beard healthier.

Some foods that you can add in your diet are egg, nuts, kale, etc.

Some of the crucial ingredients for hair growth are copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, iron, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamins B6 and C, beta-carotene, nettle, and flaxseed oil, etc. Apart from these supplements, you can take biotin regularly to thicken your facial hair as experts suggest that. Supplements make your hair thicker and fuller as they are excellent in filling in some patchy spots.

Apply Beard Oil Regularly

If you apply beard oil regularly, you can moisturize your beard and skin underneath and get rid of beard itch and dandruff. Beard oils that contain natural ingredients such as jojoba oil would be the best choice for healthy and thick hair. In addition to this, beard oil also prevents the loss of natural oil in your beard, which is important.

Trim Your Beard Properly

If you have already grown enough beard, you should focus on trimming it to give it a proper shape. A good beard trimmer can help you in this regard. If you are new in trimming and don’t know how to do it appropriately, you can go to a professional barber for trimming. However, with a little bit of practice, you can also learn to trim by yourself. It is better to avoid trimming after shower lest you make a mistake defining your neckline before trimming because facial hairs look longer and thicker when they are wet.

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Other Steps You Can Take

Drinking enough water helps you flush out harmful toxins from your body, which keeps you healthier. Thus your facial hair grows faster and thicker. Applying shampoo and conditioner on your beard during the shower makes your facial hair smoother and silkier.

The fact that shaving grows and thickens the facial hair faster is a common myth in our society. But does shaving make your beard thicker? It has no scientific proof at all though it gives some optical illusion of thick beard. Therefore, you should ignore this and follow the proper guideline to achieve your goal.

Hopefully, by going through the article, you now have some idea how to thicken facial hair. We have tried to focus on some valuable and important points here, which would help you if you follow the steps properly.

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