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Gillette Fusion ProGlide vs Proshield: Which Is Better For You?

When you are going to purchase Gilette fusion razor cartridges, two excellent options you can choose are Gillette ProGlide and Gillette ProShield razor cartridges. You can have a smooth and comfortable shave with both the models. There are many similarities and differences between them. Here in this article, we will cover Gillette fusion Proglide vs. Proshield comparisons so that it would be easy for you to identify the right one for yourself.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide vs Proshield : Head to Head

Gilette ProGlide

Gillette Fusion ProGlideAs the name suggests, this amazing razor cartridge glides on your skin efficiently and therefore gives you a perfect and smooth shave. Its five anti-friction blades help you get a closer shave by responding to contours around your face. The first four blades are very thin and sharp, having low cutting force. There is a precision trimmer as well for sideburns and hard-to-reach areas like under the nose, chin, etc.

With this razor cartridge, the risk of tugging and pulling is less. Therefore, you can have irritation-free shaving experience as well.

You can get a better and long-lasting moisturization than other Gillette Fusion models as this one includes a lubricating strip called LubraStrip by Gillette. This lubricating strip contains glycerin and mineral oils. Therefore, it is perfect for sensitive skin.

This razor cartridge can be adjusted to any Gillette fusion handle, including the ones that have battery-powered motor. Moreover, it uses a comfort guard that eliminates unwanted disrupting materials such as small hair, shaving foam, or gel from your skin.

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Gillette ProShield 

Gillette ProShield It is another popular razor cartridge from Gillette fusion series that gives you a convenient and comfortable shaving experience. If your skin is prone to irritation, burns, etc. this unit would give you extra protection. Therefore you can have a smooth and close shave in your sensitive skin.

This razor contains two lubrication straps. One of them lies at the bottom and glides along your facial contours. The other one that lies at the top moisturizes your skin after the cut.

This cartridge razor has five slim blades. Although they are thin and slim, they are so sharp and cut facial hairs with ease. So there is no need for pulling and tugging.

Gillette ProShield is compatible with any shaving cream, foam, or gel. For the best result, you can use Gillette shaving gel with it. You can have more or less one month of shaving experience using Gillette ProShield refill cartridge.


Five Blades 

Both of these efficient razors have five blades. These blades are placed closely for giving you a closer trim. The first four blades are very thin and sharp, and the fifth one provides a firm layout for completing the cutoff. Therefore, you can have a close and comfortable shaving and trimming experience with the blades. The blade quality of these two razors is the same.

Supports Multiple Handles 

You can adjust both the razors on any fusion handles made by Gillette. Both of them allow you to use flexBall features. With this feature, blades can react to the curves of your skin and cut more effectively. Furthermore, both of them can be added onto handles that have an electric motor. Shaving will be easier with the vibrations along the cartridge generated by the electric motor.

Precision Trimmer

Both these cartridges feature a precision trimmer at the top. It facilitates you in shaving and trimming hard-to-reach areas around your face. You can use a precision trimmer to outline your beard and mustache for your desired look. Besides, it is also possible to use precision times on your sideburns.

Gillette ProGlide vs Proshield


Lubricating Strips

Though both these cartridges have great lubricating features for your comfortable shave, there are differences between their lubricating strips. The ProShield has two lubricating strips located on the top and bottom parts. On the other hand, ProGlide has only one lubricating strip lying on the top. ProShield provides a more comfortable shaving surface. Because of having extra lubricating strip, the ProShield gives extra protection.

Comfort Guard 

The ProGlide presents a comfort guard in the underneath part of the razor, which feeds more hairs to the blades. Thus it ensures maximized cutting ability with every single glide. The purposes of the shield are to ensure a comfortable shave and clean out excess shaving substances like foam, gel, etc.

Weight Considerations 

Though both these razors are light in weight, ProShield is lighter than ProGlide by a few ounces.

Gliding Ability

The ProGlide can glide over your skin more efficiently than ProShield. Thus you get a closer shave using the ProGlide.


Both ProGlide and ProShield are amazing cartridges for shaving. The functionalities of both the razors are almost the same with slight differences. However, if you emphasize more on close and clean shaving experience, you should opt for ProGlide. But if your skin is too sensitive and you want more protection, then you should choose ProShield. Whatever razor you use, you will get excellent results.

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